Join our growing community of educators creating Tome courses to manage materials such as syllabi, bibliographies, media, and allow students to write beautiful essays. Students can write private or public pieces, incorporating their videos and photos, as well as data visualizations and maps from anywhere on the web. With an educator subscription, create unlimited courses, add unlimited students, and a 4GB archive. Utilizing a private network, page loads and download speeds are extremely fast and responsive and pages meet WCAG 2 accessibility standards.

A powerful yet easy-to-use publishing tool built as a scholarly archive to host, manage, and publish enagaging, media-rich works. Create courses and add students to write, share, discuss, and collaborate outside the classroom. Or build, visually stunning online museums with galleries, interactive displays, and video. Tome can be published in multiple languages for further accessibilty, and features a toolset made by scholars and students including MLA and Chicago bibliography, a media library to host reams of data and also manage third party content such as Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, or data visualizers. Make your essays look the part with an advanced text editor with pullquotes, blockquotes, inline references, works cited, and beautiful media display options. Tome follows WCAG 2 accessibility standards.